Combine Multiple Visa Gift Cards Into One

If i buy an item for $9.50, i’m then stuck with $0.50 left on that card. I'm looking for a way to combine $200 visa giftcards.


As this now looks like you've sent a single payment, you remain eligible for buyer protection.


Combine multiple visa gift cards into one. We mentioned things like using them to pay bills, but you can also give them as a present. Good luck finding an item that costs less than $0.50, including shipping. Walmart, for instance, only allows 4 gift cards per order.

Add each gift card to the balance on your amazon account. Choose another card from the list and select “combine”. If i buy an item for $9.50, i’m then stuck with $0.50 left on that card.

Enter in the info for you vanilla card. In the list of credit cards, click add a card. Online merchants can’t split a payment across multiple cards.

You can request money on paypal to another email and use the cards to pay but it will cost you. You can combine the balances onto one gift card. Once you have entered the first card, you will see it appear on your purchase summary, and you can click use another walmart gift card and enter up to four walmart gift cards per order.

Let the clerk know what you want to do. I was hopeful when i read that it was possible to. Good luck finding an item that costs less than $0.50, including shipping.

The visa gift cards would first have to be registered in your name before the law enables them to transact in such a way. I just used my own name and didn't have a problem. Dell may take up to three days to issue your new card.

I don't know target, but at walmart, go to the customer service desk, or, if your store has one, the money center, with all the gift cards. You can then go back and combine at any time. I don't care about unloading the money into the bank, just a way to have them all funnel through one card.

Not sure if that would get you shut down though. Give them out as gifts. For survey work you need an usa residential ip/proxy/vps.

After registration, they would no longer be gift cards, they'd be debit cards. You're required to enter a name. It is possible to pay using the funds in your account balance and the remainder with a credit card however, you must first elect to pay with your credit card.

Now, to combine your cards, select “my giftcards” and pick one of your cards from the list. Click add card so it shows in the list above and is selected. Paying with multiple prepaid visa gift cards;

Hopefully a poster can share if they we able to combine gc. Maybe something like loading them into googlewallet and then using the google wallet debit card. Some have suggested immediately converting a $20 prepaid card into one $10 amazon gift code, waiting until the purchase clears and the $1 authorization amount is credited back, and then buying.

With simpler steps and a more convenient process, you can easily combine all of your small gift cards. One way to convert visa gift cards to cash is to use them like cash. This means that i can’t combine more than one card to make purchases above $10.

Most of the other options will cost you some money. Your available balance will be used up and the remainder is charged to your card. Click “add card” toggle link, and then enter the gift card credit card information and hit the “add card” button.

I ended up with small change on each card. Cookies help us customize the paypal community for you, and some are necessary to make our site work. Last time i used multiple gift cards, i couldn’t combine them and this was 4 years ago.

Combine multiple visa gift cards into one. Most stores let you use multiple gift cards and combine them with another payment (such as another visa prepaid card or credit card). I recently connected two prepaid gift cards to my online wallet and plan to buy an item that would use up both of the gift cards.

So now i'm looking to combine the 2 cards into a $150 prepaid visa card. I have using many websites to buy gifs carts but the best company was giftcards. The problem is that limits you to five gift cards in a transaction so you'd have to make lots and

Individually for my total purchase. Then your gift card balance will automatically be reloaded with the exact balance you previously had on your visa gift card. Select any of your addresses and click use this address button.

Click gift cards & registry and reload your balance in the amount box, type in the exact amount you found for one of the cards. Say you have three cards you want to merge into one. Usually you have to go to a web site and type in the card's number.

For instance, if you know your visa gift card balance is below $10.00, you may have a hard time using that balance to complete a purchase entirely on that card. It is the leading gift card website, with over 6 million gift cards sold. That's a violation of federal law actually.

Next, select “combine” and it will bring up a list of your other cards. Now you can earn money from survey. After you add the prepaid card to your google wallet, choose add to wallet.

Although you cannot combine the balances on your various visa gift cards onto one gift card, you can pay with more than one funding source. I don't have a credit card but have these 2 x $75 each prepaid visa credit cards so i thought i might as well use those. Choose another card from the list and select “combine”.

I did use all of them by the tm reentering them. Next, select “combine” and it will bring up a list of your other cards. Just check to make sure there isn't a limit.

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